VITA - Mirza Metin

Playwright, director, actor, instructor

Artistic director and cofounder of ŞERMOLA PERFORMANS

Kurdish coordinator of EURODRAM - European Network for Drama in Translation

Codirector of NEXUS - Kurdish German Theater Network

He was born in 1980 in Kars (Kurdistan).

He lived in Istanbul between 1983-2018

He has been living in Germany(Cologne) since January 2018.

He studied acting at Teatra Jiyana Nû (Mezopotamya Culture Center Istanbul) between 1994-1999.

He worked as an actor at Teatra Jiyana Nû between 2001-2003.

He worked at Seyr-î Mesel Theatre as an actor, instructor and manager between 2003-2008

He studied in Folk Dances Department of Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory between 2004-2007

He graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Dramaturgy and Theatre Critism at 2017.

He has been working as a playwright, director, instructor and an actor at Şermola Performans since 2008.


His article named "Kurdish Resistance and the Dramaturgy of Fire" published online by Cambridge University Press Theatre Research International.

The play Acht performed in Theater Nacht Festival in Kulturbunker Cologne

He wrote and directed the play named Acht and premiered at Urania Theater Cologne.

The play named ANZİEHUNGSKRÄFTE performed in Theater im Ballsaal Bonn, Orangerie Theater Cologne, TAK Theater Berlin.

The play named Disco No.5 performed in Berlin Theatre Festival, at Theatre28.

He wrote the play named Red and Rhino.


· He came to Cologne with IFA Artist in Residence (From January 2018 until July 2018). He wrote the play named Erdkêşî (ANZİEHUNGSKRÄFTE-Gravity) within scope of Residence. The play was staged with co-production of fringe ensemble and Şermola Performans with regie of Frank Heuel.

· He developed Kurdish-German theatre network named Nexsus with Frank Heuel and carried out workshops within fringe ensemble.

· His plays named Disko Number 5, Plastic Bride and Grave were published by Avesta Publishing House (The biggest Kurdish publishing house in Turkey) with the name Lîstikên Tomerî 1.

· He took on Coordinator task of Kurdish Committiee of Eurodram.

· He received a research grant for his book project “The Dramaturgy of Fire” from The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Fellowship Program at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

· He was invited to International Dramaturgy Conferencess and made a presentation on Kurdish Theatre. (Dramaturgie des Widerstands- internationale positionen zu künstlerischen freiheit und unfreiheit Dramaturgische Gesellschaft, Greifswald)

· The play named Zwischenhalt that he wrote and performed was staged in Performing Arts Festival in Berlin.

· He founded Germany office of Şermola Perfromans



- His play named Zwischenhalt published by Theater der Zeit Publishing Hous.

· He was invited to PEN World Voices: International Playwright Festival, New York with the play named Hungry Dogs that he wrote. The play translated to English and staged as a closet drama with regie of Dans Safer at Segal Theater. 

· His play Zwischenhalt translated into German. It premiered in Istanbul as a co-production of Şermola Performans and Fringe Ensemble in Kurdish, Turkish and German with regie of Frank Heuel.

· Zwischenhalt received Jury’s Special Award at 17. Direklerarası Audiences Awards.

· Zwischenhalt is staged as a closet drama at the event of WELT/BÜHNE Plattform für internationale Dramatik with regie of Franziska Angerer at Residenztheater Munich.

· Zwischenhalt was staged at Cologne Urbang Festival.

· Zwischenhalt was staged at 16. Sevgi Gonul Theatre Days, Istanbul(Turkey).

· The play named Panopticon that he designed and directed premiered at International Istanbul Theatre Festival.

· He came to Cologne for Mikan Project of fringe ensemble. He made interviews with migrant Kurdish people for two weeks.


· The play named Crows that he wrote and directed with Berfin Zenderlioğlu premiered at Istanbul International Theatre Festival.

· The text named Hungry Dogs get the first place in anthology of the year in Eurodram Turkish Selection.

· He made a decision together with his team-mates to close Şermola Performans stage in Istanbul because of political and economic turmoil.


· He staged the play, Di Tuwaletê De, written by Rênas Jiyan. The play premiered at A Corner In The World Festival.

· The play Hungry Dogs premiered as a Kumbaracı50 production.

- He worked as a actor with Nilufer City Theatre, Bursa


· He designed Language Plays Projects and was its art director. He brought playwrights of new generation such as Ahmet Sami Özbudak, Pelin Temur and Derem Çıray and experienced directors such as Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Aslı Öngeren and Mehmet Atak together with the idea of making a play from stories of Galician writer Sechu Sende. Plays which are product of this project such as Çena Dengizî, Merheba and Dil Kuşu were staged in 2014 and 2015.

· The play named Gezerken (A walk in Gezi Park) that he wrote together with Cem Uslu, Özen Yula and Yiğit Sertdemir during Gezi Uprising was deemed worthy to Peace Award by Direklerarası Audiences Awards.

· The play named Gor that he wrote and directed received Selective Jury Special Original New Play Award at 14. Direklerarası Audinces Awards.

· He collected his work named "Jêrzemîn/Yeraltındaki Tiyatro" also all booklet informations of plays and history of Kurdish theatre groups into a book named same as previous work. The book published by Publications of Metropolis Municipality of  Diyarbakir.


· The play Gor that he wrote premiered at AltFest Istanbul.

· He was choosen to Royal Court’s play-wright workshop, the most important theatre of England, with his play named Gor. He worked with the most prestigious play-wrights of modern theatre such as Mark Ravenhill and Zinnie Harris on his play that later on will be named Horse Cemetery.


· He participated in the “24hours” project of Mekan Artı as a director. He created and staged a play with other performers in 24 hours, named “Why the dead don't sleep? that its topic was determined by audiences priorly.

· He received lots of awards with the play Disko Number 5 that he wrote and performed.

· He carried out an exhibition named "Jêrzemîn/Yeraltındaki Tiyatro" within scope of 1. Amed Theatre Festival. Exhibition consisted of Kurdish theatre plays posters staged between 1991-2003 in Turkey.

- He directed the play Where Were We? that Ebru Nihan Celkan wrote. (Production: Bulut Theatre)


· The play Disko Number 5 that he wrote, performed and Berfin Zenderlioğlu directed, premiered at Ankara International Theatre Festival.

· The play Bûka Lekî that he wrote and directed premiered at Şermola Performans.


· He built and opened Şermola Performans stage together with Berfin Zenderlioğlu and with help of performers and individual supporters.

· The play named Experiment that he wrote and directed is staged.

· Cerb received Original New Play Award of 10.Lions Theatre Awards and participated in lots of festivals.

· The play named "Reşê Şevê" which is co-authored with Berfin Zenderlioğlu published by Avesta Publications.


· The play named Nightmare that co-writed with Berfin Zenderlioğlu was staged with his directing.


· He co-founded Destar Theatre with Berfin Zenderlioğlu. (Later on they disused this name and have contuniued with the name of the stage, Şermola Performans.)

· He wrote and directed Qeşmerên Apoletî (a short play).


- Some plays which he performed in between 1994-2007

  • XEWN Û XEYAL - 2007 // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • SÊVA PERIYAN - 2006 // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • MESELA NE KADAR OZAĞ - 2005 / /Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • QAL Û QIR - 2004 // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • KEMERO BASK - 2003 // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • KAFKAS TEBEŞİR DAİRESİ - 2003 // Autor: Bertolt Brecht // Adapting for children's theater: Vedat Kuşku // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Seyri Mesel Theatre
  • ŞERMOLA KOMARA DÎNAN - 2002 // Autor: Helim Yusiv // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Teatra Jiyana Nû
  • GURZEK (NE)LÊDAN - 2001 // Director: Erdal Ceviz // Production: Teatra Jiyana Nû
  • BAYÊ ELEGEZÊ - 1995 // Autor and director: Kemal Orgun // Production: Teatra Jiyana Nû

- Some short plays which he performed in between 1994-2003

  • Kanlı Torba, Newroz, Berxwedan Jiyane, Arizayên Teknîkî, Kurmê Darê, Şert,  Pênç Pêçî,  Mehîr,  Kose Gelî,  Sînor // Production: Teatra Jiyana Nû