A man struggling to adapt to life after a traumatic experience...

A woman who always imitates others and models herself on her circle of friends...

And her friend, a woman disconnected from life who stares wide-eyed at everything happening around her.

The three bodies wander around a mannequin as if hovering on the edge of a precipice. 

Since returning from the army, the young man has lost interest in his fiancée and much else besides, so much so that he withdraws from society. But one day, he falls in love with a mannequin in a shop window, buys it and takes it home. His fiancée finds out and, in a bid to win back the young man, tries to make herself more and more like the mannequin. One day, she sneaks into the man’s house, hides the mannequin and stands in for her. That day, the young man gets drunk and arrives home with a gun to rid himself of the mannequin.


Original name: Bûka Lekî

World premiere: 17 April 2010

Production: Şermola Performans

Autor: Mirza Metin

Director: Mirza Metin

Dramaturgy: Arjen Arzen

Performers: Berfîn Zenderlioğlu, Alan Ciwan, Sevgi Turan

Music: Dodan – Ronahî/Işık: Alev Topal 

Stage Design: Metin Çelik

Costum Design: Şermola Performans

Directing Assistant: Berfîn Zenderlioğlu

Photographs: Azad Aktürk

Poster: Bahar Demirtaş 

Project Assistant: Nazê Yerlikaya

Subtitle Tranlating: Nazê Yerlikaya


  • 2011 – Theater Festival of Batman Municipality, Batman (Turkey)
  • 2011 - Women Festival of Hasankeyf, Batman (Turkey)
  • 2011 – PeraFest, Istanbul, (Turkey)