Gülizar survives by collecting waste paper from the rubbish. She fled to the city years earlier after being subjected to a forced marriage and persistent male violence in her home village. But her past haunts her in different ways like some kind of nightmare and she shifts constantly between present and past. While coming to terms with the tragedy caused by the men in her past, Gülizar also ridicules the men by reading news stories in the papers she picks up from the rubbish.


Original name: Reşê Şevê

World premiere: 3 April 2009, Su Performing Arts Centre, Istanbul

Production: Şermola Performans

Co-written: Mirza Metin & Berfin Zenderlioğlu.

Director: Mirza Metin

Music: Mehmet Atlı & Murat Öztürk

Performers (2009): Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Mensur Zîrek

Performers (2010): Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Mensur Zîrek, Selman Akkuş

Performers (2011): Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Mensur Zîrek, Alan Ciwan

Stage Design: Metin Çelik 

Costum Design: Şermola Performans

Light Design: Alev Topal

Photograph: Veysi Altay & Azad Aktürk

Poster: Bahar Demirtaş (female poster), Metin Çelik (male poster)


  • 2010 – Theatre Festival of Batman Municipality, Batman (Turkey) 
  • 2009 - Youth Culture Festival Gönen, Balıkesir (Turkey)
  • 2009 - Theatre Festival ODTÜ, Ankara (Turkey)
  • 2009 - 14. International Theatre Festival Ankara (Turkey)