During a long out-of-town tour, the Crow Theatre Company come to realize that the villages, towns and cities they pass through are gradually emptying. But they keep going, determined to find audiences. After some time, they arrive at the Red City, only to find that the city has been swept through by tanks. The only signs of life in the city are an elderly storyteller called Kal and the three spirits, Mar, Wan and Zen, who knit a variety of socks for the Crows to wear on their heads. By this point, the Crows can neither keep going, nor turn back. They are caught between going, staying, reaching audiences and giving up. Rehearsals continue on the one hand, while on the other they are subjected to the various pranks played on them by the spirits. The play shades into a halay dance danced within a poignant tale. Both tale and halay have the effect of a restorative tonic.


Original name: Serencama Qijikan

World premiere: 18 May 2016, Istanbul Theatre Festival, Moda Sahnesi

Production: Şermola Performans

Autor: Mirza Metin

Director: Mîrza Metin, Berfîn Zenderlioğlu

Performers: Berfîn Zenderlioğlu, Deniz Sal, Ertürk Erkek, Hazni Demir, Mensur Zîrek, Nagihan Gürkan, Özlem Taş, Sadin Yeşiltaş, Selim Akgül, Xoser Rayîrwan

Dramaturgy: Berfîn Zenderlioğlu, Fatma Onat

Choreografy: Arjen Brusk

Ligh Design: Alev Topal

Costum & Mask Design: Hale İşsever

Stage Design: Beril Özkoçak

Orkestra: Vulkan Alp (Perküsyon), Koray Tarhan (Didgeridoo), Arjen Brûsk (Askı davul)

Assistants: Deniz Tanfener, Yazı Köz, Ece, Baran Yılmaz, Talip Şahin, Berkan Rodi, Merve Akpınar

Awards: 18th Direklerarası Audience Awards, Best Original Theatre Music: Arjen Brûk, Koray Tarhan and Vulkan Alp

Festivals: 2016 -  International Theater Festival Istanbul (Turkey)