A performative testimony to an age in which we are under the constant watch of the system, but forever watching each other through social media. Five women are chosen as guinea pigs to be locked in a space where talking is prohibited. As the women try to communicate through body language, we become witness to the rising tensions between them. Their made-up games become a competition, the competition becomes a lust for power, and the lust for power becomes violence. Designed and directed by Mirza Metin, who regularly explores the body’s potential in his work, the play positions the audience as both observer and observed. Be prepared to think about individuals gradually evolving into the very thing they criticize and avoid.

This is a physical performance without dialogue, in which words are broken up to become meaningless sounds. Başar Ünder and Doğukan Özpınar provide improvised musical accompaniment based on their recordings of the actors’ breathing and the sounds they make during the performance.

The play is a reinterpretation of ‘Experiment’ (‘Cerb’/‘Deney’), the play staged by Mirza Metin in 2010. In ‘Experiment’, the bodies on stage were male. In ‘Panopticon’, they are female.


World premiere: 23 November 2018, Istanbul Theatre Festival, Bakırköy Municipal Theatre 

Production: Şermola Performans

Concept & Director: Mirza Metin

Performers: Ayşegül Tekin, Esra Yıldırım, Gamze Çelik, Melisa Akman, Nagihan Gürkan

Sound & Music Design: Başar Ünder / Cast: Doğukan Özpınar

Light Design: Alev Topal

Costum Design: Hilal Polat

Stage Design: Mirza Metin

Video Operator & Production Coordinator: Hazni Demir

Photographs: Nazım Serhat Fırat

Regi Assistants: Baran Yılmaz, Berkan Rodi, Merve Akpınar, Talip Şahin, Kerime Obenik


  • 2018 – 6. Theatre Festival Nilüfer, Bursa (Turkey) 
  • 2017 – International Theater Festival, Istanbul (Turkey)

Bir Oyun Üç Bakış (Three Looks at a Play) - TEB Play/Spring