We are watched all the time. We are gradually turning into the very thing we oppose, criticize, fear and avoid. We are becoming the living eye and strength of the mechanism.

What happens if prisoners become the guards of their own imprisonment?

Four guinea-pig prisoners are locked in a cell and banned from speaking. Speaking is punished in different ways. Bodies that can’t speak move; movements become a game, the games a competition for power, the competition for power becomes violence, and violence bloodshed. A new set of guards has emerged in the cell. 


Original name: Cerb

World premiere: 16 January 2010, Su Performing Arts Centre, Istanbul

Production: Şermola Performans

Autor: Mirza Metin

Director: Mirza Metin

Stage Design (2010): Genco Demirer

Stage Design (2012): Mirza Metin

Light Design: Alev Topal

Music: Mübin Dünen

Director Assistants: Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Arjen Arzen

Fhotograph (2010): Veysi Altay

Photograph & Fragment (2012): Adem Isenberg

Performers (2010): Mensur Zîrek, Selman Akkuş, Cihan Kuba, Alan Ciwan

Shadow Performers (2010): Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Sevgi Turan, Zozan Eres, Beray Zen, Orhan Alici

Performers (2012): Alan Ciwan, Engin Emre Değer, Musa Yıldırım, Mirza Metin

Shadow Performers (2012): Narin Gül Temel, Sevgi Turan

Awards: 10th Lions Theatre Awards, Best Original New Play


  • 2010 – 4. ETHOS International Theatre Festival, Ankara (Turkey)
  • 2010 – Theatre Festival of Bogaziçi, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 2010 - 4. Theatre Festival Young Stage, Municipality Teheatre Bahçelievler, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 2010 - Theatre Festival of Young Days, City Theatre Istanbul (Turkey)